A collection of catering brands

ECL (Exhibition Centre Liverpool), launched in 2016 is a brand new, state of the art, purpose built exhibition centre which adjoins the already successful ACC Echo Arena located on Liverpool’s Waterfront.





Collaborating with the venues international caterers Centerplate UK and internal marketing team, we created 11 brands for a selection of their different catering outlets. The venue now fully open and operational has launching with 3 of the in-house brands, 1207 Kitchen, 1207 Deli & 1207 Bar.





In addition to the development of each identity we worked with interior consultants, packing manufacturers and printers to ensure that the experience of each eatery continued beyond the signage. Our aim to create an experiential and seamless brand journey for each outlet.





With the emphasis on the venue guests and great hospitality we used a series of bold colours and confident typography to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.



Tags: Branding, Food

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