A New Kind of Healthy Eatery

Love the Neighbour is Liverpool’s latest healthy eatery / bar, standing for good vibes and great fresh food.





Commissioned by Know Hospitality we wanted to pull together the values of this close knit and cultural community, celebrating its historic setting as a place for people coming together for over 200 years.





Inspired by both anarchy and serenity; Love Thy Neighbour is designed to offer something for the modern day health voyeur, serving calming or energising superfood smoothies and small plates alongside lovingly crafted full flavoured cocktails.





Custom tattoo illustrations were created by LA graphic artist David Smith. This was married visually with a calming and soothing colour pallet and clean typography creating a unique and adaptable brand. A celebration of true ying and yang. Interior consultation meant developing a seamless brand application, with laser etched bespoke menu boards and wall graphics being implemented.

Love the Neighbour is a great indy venue as well as a phrase we should all consider living by.


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