Memories of August





The Giants are back! And this time they’re even bigger, or at least older. 

Following the giant (pun intended) success of the 2012 event, the City of Liverpool welcomes back the giants for a second time; this time to commemorate the centenary of World War One as part of the UK’s annual commemorations programme.







“It was clear that Black & Ginger’s imagination was firing on all cylinders. They suggested a highly innovative approach to promoting the event which has resonated with the people of Liverpool.”


– Claire McColgan MBE, Culture Liverpool







Our involvement in the programme started in late 2013 dealing directly with Liverpool Culture, Liverpool City Council and French marionette company Royal De Luxe.


In addition to brand identity and creative visuals, we have also produced artwork for the national ad campaign, event website, city dressing and a huge verity of promotional material.







1.5 million visitors generating £46 million in local revenue





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