This forward thinking brand is all about personality, British heritage  and a fun family feeling with a love for Truffles at it’s heart.  These delectable truffles are hand made in France to a secret recipe dating back to 1930,  it was important to reflect this heritage within the brand whilst also injecting  a warm British personality.






The brands eccentric typography and quirky illustrations all work harmoniously together, creating a positive and vibrant feeling identity. We defined the tone of voice principles for The Truffleers to communicate its friendly, charming nature, spoken straight from the characters themselves!.

 We worked closely with local illustrators to create personalised family characters full of charisma and charm.  In addition a totally unique street scape was created, reflecting the elegant Georgian town houses and shop fronts in London. 

 We created a series of high end, attractive truffle tins using bright colours which really makes the brand stand out and gives them a retro feel, they are definitely tins which shouldn’t be thrown away.  Alongside packaging a unique e-commerce online website was created and kiosk design was implemented making a seamless and cohesive brand experience. 







Initially launching in the UAE, the brand already has ambitions to go international bringing out a unique range of truffle infused cookies and biscuits to expand product line. Truly delicious!





Tags: Branding, Digital, Food

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