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We create brilliant brand identities for our clients, but looking at our own brand it didn’t reflect the work we are so proud of and the direction the company was taking, it just wasn’t reflective of ‘us’ anymore. The new Black&Ginger identity expresses our creativity, passion and friendly personality. Brand new look, same great work.

We knew our identity needed to be re vamped and brought into the 21st century so we started right from the beginning looking at who we are as a company and outlining our core company values. From this we concluded that we are a diverse friendly agency who care about relationships and the ‘process’ of design, this needed to shine through. We looked at the ampersand mark and decided this was a core element of ours, we wanted to own the ampersand, making it unique to us, something that no one else has.




Research and sketching began to design a custom ampersand that reflected our core values and personality. Hundreds of routes were explored, some wacky and a bit crazy, some too simple, lacking personality, until we created a unique set of shapes resembling an ampersand. This was then tweaked and tweaked until the final composition was decided upon. The new mark is modern, confident and playful. Made from simple shapes, it is a kind of modernist style of ampersand and turned on its side it makes a friendly winky face. De-constructing the ampersand mark, a background pattern has been created which is dynamic and full of energy, lending itself to animate for a fun and exciting online presence.


before and after-09



From this a custom word mark was created, using the curves and lines from the new ampersand mark. Meticulously crafted, elements like the b and the c fit together perfectly and the curve of the r is based on the bottom curves of the g. The wordmark comes in a stacked and horizonal forms ready to be used in any situation.


With this we choose an interesting stencil font for our headers to follow through uniquess and to attract attention, combined with the clean sans serif typeface Lato giving us a modern sleek feel.



Our rebrand logo breajdown-07

Our rebrand logo breajdown-08



A strong complimentary colour palette was choosen to reflect our strong digital presence whilst also working in print seamlessly. A bold ‘pop’ blue and orange are used marrying well with subtle greys and blues. 










Our new brand has been applied to all collaterol with a fresh new website, business cards and interior application.
We feel our new look reflects the quality work we are producing, and we are looking forward to taking this through into 2016.






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