How to get a Job at Black&Ginger

So we post up an ad for a job and then we tell you how to get the job?! Sounds a bit strange. Why do that? Surely people know how to get jobs. Well, you would suspect that but this isn’t really a job, its more of a way of life, so sometimes a CV just doesn’t say enough or sometimes says too much.

We’re not Pentagram or Adam & Eve, we’re a small humble agency but we like to thing big. So what is it that we’re looking for I hear you ask. Please share!

Okay. The first thing you need is a good portfolio, with a wide range of projects which also demonstrate a wide range of techniques and multi touch point disciplines. We don’t just want to see a page of logos. We don’t even do logos, we do brands so take that out.

If you’ve done a logo on a van we don’t want to see that either. You’ve put a logo on a white van, what does that show us exactly?

Show us how you’ve taken an idea and ran with it. Pushed and squeezed it into various media; print, web, digital, social… lets see it all.

If you’re sending work on a PDF please make sure its 10mb or less. Anything more than that is just unnecessary and shows that you don’t know how to compress your work.

Around half a dozen projects is fine. By all means put a personal project in there if you have one but we want to see you’re biggest work and your smallest too. We want to hear about the challenges you faced and how you over came them. Your best experiences and your worst.

Your CV should be sharp, clean and simple. We don’t want to know that you’re 40% proficient in Illustrator. You should be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, usually with a lending towards one. We don’t expect you to be ‘experts’ but you should know what you’re doing or design isn’t the place for you.

Keep things simple and honest.

If you’ve passed this part then you should get an interview. Woop. You’ve got our attention and now we want to know more. Tell us what you’re interested in, your motivation, ambition, hobbies etc. This is all about culture and personality fit. You could be a great designer but just not right for us, equally we may think you’re perfect, which would be pretty cool.

Finally there’s salary and expectation. We’re a boutique agency in Liverpool, please don’t come to us with London expectations. Property is pretty cheap in Liverpool. You can still buy a house for £30k! (in some places).

If you understand the size of our agency and the projects we like to work on and clients we have you’ll see that we’re not huge, but equally we’re doing pretty good and life / job satisfaction is really important to us. You wont be expected to work 70 hrs a week. You’re expected to work hard but equally we feel living is an important aspect of being a great designer.

If you think you fit the bill, apply, we would love you to be a part of our team.

Posted on February 21, 2017 in All

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