Why we’re ditchin’ pitchin’ this January

So we’re ditchin’’ pitching this January! What is that all about? Why January and why make such a fuss about it?

We’re not stupid, and I’m sure no one alludes to that. We know we need to pitch to win work and sometimes we show creative and sometimes we don’t. Quite frankly this decision is based on budget, time frame, job type and wether or not we have studio time to dedicate to this blind art. So reverting to our original statement, why Jan?

New year for most of us means organisation and planning. One thing that comes with this is catching up on those things you want to do but may never have had the time for in the year. Then it comes “we need a new logo, new brand, a strategy, a new website”. Again, this is great, yes you may need all of this but often like the yearly membership you have just taken up with the gym, sometimes these just don’t hold water and in our 13 yr experiences seldom are taken serious.

Last Jan we had 18 enquiries for new jobs, of which many would refuse to meet, provide a substantial brief and in many cases were sent to multiple (beyond 5) agencies.

Unlike a quote for a car or house re-wire, creative tenders; especially ones that ask for ‘creative ideas’ can take days of resources to pull together 99.9% of this is speculation fee. Essentially please do the work and if we like it we’ll go for it.

Now I know this may come across as negative but believe it or not most design / creative agencies actually want to help. However like a moth to a flame, we just cant help but to jump in head first and can’t wait to problem solve. We would just suggest that when businesses are spending a decent amount on whatever creative/digital service, it doesn’t take long to do some homework first, plus this can actually save everyone time. Not all agencies are the same, so we would suggest taking a good look at the agencies they’re thinking of working with, understand their portfolio, experience and values. And if possible, invite the short listed agencies to meet the team. As an agency we want to work with good people who want the best results for their business, and we are pretty confident that is what our clients want too.

So YES to working with the best people, YES to great work, NO to taking advantage of creative agencies and NO to pitchin’ this JAN.


Posted on January 9, 2017 in Brand, Design

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