With over a decade of industry knowledge at the highest level we were approached by this start up team to help set up their new tech business, selling Cloud based services to medium to large businesses across the UK.


Directed at B2B in what is typically a dry and faceless industry; our new approach had to be head turning and be disruptive.





After a series of workshops and client sessions we finally agreed on the name Aura Cloud. We felt that this had the light and approachable feeling we were looking for and linked to the ethereal mystery of air, space and the hidden information that can be stored around it.






For the logotype we chose the font Sofia, to reflect Aura’s welcoming nature. We combined this with a series of custom and dynamic gradients and approachable photography.


Finally, we worked with a copywriter to create a series of distinctive headlines to express the ability and effectiveness of the service and offering.









“Results from the brand launch were instant and immediately attractive, with the organisation securing a major project win on their first meeting.”






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