Ethivest is a new app that helps make ethical investing and saving accessible to the masses. Changing the perception of investing, this new and exciting FinTech startup makes investing simple and rewarding.





Aimed at Millennials and early adopters, Ethivest is focused on changing the way we invest, with new users being able to start with as little as £1. The app allows users to set up personal goals, giving the user focus and a target; from a new laptop to a deposit on a home, the app’s round ups feature help investing even easier and part of your every day routine.





Commissioned by Ethivest, our focus was to create a brand that felt fresh and engaging and far away from the banking world as possible. Using imperfect and organic feeling roundels and a fresh colour palette, we wanted the brand to convey accessibility and friendliness, yet still retain a feeling of clarity and security.





As well as creation of the brand we were also commissioned to design the look and functionality of the app. With Ethivest we stripped back and streamlined the user journey to allow users to start saving as quick as possible. Wanting to retain brands personality throughout the the app we kept the interface clean and spacious, heroing the key information.




Learn more about Ethivest here


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