Award-winning Dash Cams

Safety in numbers for No.1 dash cam manufacturer

A few years ago many people, including ourselves had very little or no idea what a dash cam was. Now they’re common place with Nextbase being the market leaders in the UK selling over 100k units a year

After a blind pitch for their TV creative in 2014 our relationship has grown, delivering and supporting Richard and his team across a suite of materials in creative and production.

With ten-fold sales over the last 4 years, growing from £8m to £70m+ turnover in 4 years we have helped position Nextbase as an approachable tech product, which can genuinely help keep our roads safer and offer great benefits to drivers too.

After the success of the first ad aiming at a well established older audience, the business decided to shift direction and launch its product firmly at a family market. To answer this brief we came up with the TV concept ‘Lets not be childish’, which explores how kids and adults aren’t always that different when it comes to times of crisis.

The ad which aired over 21 stations and was a great success for the brand.

In 2017 we were presented with the fact that only 3% of women drivers owned a dash cam and the product was still very male focussed. My wife would probably say that is because women are better drivers, but that aside Nextbase just wasn’t appealing to this customer base.

  To address this we took over their Instagram account, creating attractive lifestyle content that would appeal to this lost audience.

Over the 6 months Nextbase saw a huge up turn in female users and online followers, increasing their social account followers by almost 700% and doubling their sales.

Today, as the business grows to new territories we continue to support a great, hard working team and nurture their growth and success.


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