Introducing ‘The Foodio’

Launched in August 2016, The Foodio is our new sister agency specialising in food related design.

Early 2016, after over indulging on festive cheer & beers, we sat down to review the past years 12 months output and take a closer look at the work and clients we had delivered for throughout the year.

As we got down to business a pattern started to emerge that we hadn’t really noticed before and that was the food industry was playing a huge role in the projects we had been involved with.

Our work for Kilner, District House, ACC (Echo Arena), Rookwood Bar&Cue, Puschka and Maddocks all pointed towards a ‘Foodie’ type approach which we were already producing.

After much discussion (over coffee and more cake) we came to the conclusion that all of this specific food related work needed it’s own unique output, still part of Black&Ginger but with its own identity and status. And thus ‘The Foodio’ (studio food) was born, a sector specific creative agency for food&drink which we believe is the only business of its type in the UK today.¬†

Black&Ginger already has a wide variability of skills and expert knowledge from our 14 years agency experience and its through this experience we believe we can apply our skills to this new sector.



The main concept of the Foodio, is to provide a holistic creative service specifically aimed at the food and drink industry, a ‘one stop shop’ for the sector. Instead of a new business going to one company for its website, another for it’s branding and another for it’s interior, The Foodio will provide all of these services under one roof, creating a seamless and cohesive business identity. It cuts out the duplication of effort on a businesses part, keeping things consistent and helping businesses fine tune their brand. In an ever increasing competitive market where business want to see themselves as the `next best thing’ the Foodio can help them achieve this, providing all the services they need to stay ahead of the curve.

With ambitions to be sector leaders over the next 12 months, The Foodio will continue to provide great service and design work to this sector. Leading on latest trends the foodio aims to take inspiration from all around, feeding our passion for great food experiences.

The Foodio will be primarily based in our Soho studio, the sizzling heart of London.

The Foodio has already seen great traction since it’s launch, head over to to sample some tasty work.

Posted on September 2, 2016 in All, Brand, Interior

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