Giving Ferry & Sons a New Edge

First impressions can say a lot, and the first time we met with Mike and his family we weren’t disappointed. Their passion for their craft enlightened, while their confidence in their quality was reassuring to say the least.

The Ferry family gets stuck in to the brand workshop

Over the years we’ve had many business owners asking us to polish, what we can only say are troubled, unqualified, retired and dysfunctional businesses (or TURDS for short); which we have no choice in turning away. Some may say thats bad business, but when your sales don’t increase who are you going to blame? Us I’m sure.

With all that said, we really feel like an extended part of the Ferry team now, and we’re thankful to hear that sales have never been better and that they’re now too busy to even respond to our emails. If fact the words “we may need a bigger site” where muttered the other day, so something must be going right!

Mike Ferry & B&G Director Alex 

Passion for what you do and how you do it is something that isn’t celebrated enough. We hope that the work we have produced for Ferry & Sons with their rebrand gets that across in a professional and warm way.

Designer Notes

For those designers who may be interested, there are many components to the Ferry brand. The logo itself is created from curved angle bevels that are often found on worktops produced by the firm; while the ligature in the F is designed to represent both the F and the S.


A selection of bevel profiles & how they were implemented into the Ferry & Sons monogram

Strokes representing the bevel profiles are used throughout the brand

Complementary elements of the brand include a suite of bevels which have been converted into fine stroke lines which represent the delicate nature of the craftmanship thats involved with every worktop be it marble or quartz. These bevel details can be overplayed over images and flat colours.

Early iterations of the Ferry & Sons monogram

The monogram which went on to be the selected mark

The serif typeface for the headlines is Libre Baskerville. Selected for its craftsman style qualities and human approachability. While headlines are sans serif to represent the clean and modern approach of the business.

Colour palettes are simple and contemporary, with a heritage nod. Also the blue is a modernisation of the previous logo type.

Award winning photographer Dan Kenyon in action

Portrait and interior shots were taken by Award winning photographer Dan Kenyon.

Stationery printed on GF Smith Cobalt. Brochure wrap printed on GF Smith Leather ‘pale grey’.

You can view the full Ferry & Sons case study here

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