Working From Home: Our 5 Top Tips

The way we work together is quickly changing, but working from home doesn’t have to feel like a challenge.

We’ve put together some helpful tips to keep you productive over these coming weeks…

Whether you’re layering up or dressing down, make sure you put the usual morning effort in… It’s good to keep up routine.

You might not be able to hit the gym, but it’s still recommended to exercise in open spaces. If not, get some simple home workouts in!

Don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then… You’ve earned it. (No one’s watching – take an extra 5 minutes!)

If you’ve got plants around the house, why not add them to your makeshift desk? Greenery is proven to boost happiness and brain power!

Be sure to check in with the rest of the team more regularly. We’re all in this together! Apps like Zoom are great for keeping up face to face communication and sharing work on screen.

Let’s stay connected.

We may be working more remotely, but rest assured we’re still here for you. Whether you’re looking for some design support or even just a bit of advice, we’ll do our best to help. Together we’ll get through this.


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