What is Christmas all about for us? Family, friends, food and rubbish gifts!


Men all over the UK are waking up each and every Christmas morning to the mundane gift of socks. It was now time to take a stand and give Dad something he really wanted – a Nextbase dash cam! And oh boy is he ecstatic!

Briefed to create a campaign which was relatable and humorous for the demographic, we looked deep within ourselves… What is Christmas all about for us? Family, friends, food and err… rubbish gifts.

Socks, socks and…
more socks?

The concept was simple but compelling – a typical Christmas scenario for Dad’s all over the world plays out. We place the viewer in the seat of a family living room through engaging, closely shot scenes as year on year Dad receives socks… socks and more socks. Each time masking disappointment with forced gratitude.

Finally he receives something out of the ordinary – an unfamiliar box-shaped gift. It doesn’t feel like socks, what could it be? Dad opens the gift in haste to find (you’ve guessed it) a Nextbase dash cam. And oh boy is he ecstatic!

To further push the creative and develop a more comprehensive campaign, we also worked on digital assets for social media, including drawers jam packed full of ugly festive socks.

Today, as the business grows to new territories we continue to support a great, hard working team and nurture their growth and success. We can’t wait to see what’s next. Be sure to have a look behind the scenes of the ad below!

Take a peak behind the scenes…

Find out how we created the advert in the BTS blog!


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