We’re an agency that isn’t afraid to get emotional.

Unlike many of your top leading brand or creative agencies, we’re proud to say we have a heart, in fact we’re proud to say that we’re not scared of shedding a tear or two either. 

So what does this have to do with making your business perform better? Well the answer is everything.

Backed by consumer insight and research, our methods of creating ’emotive led design’ allows us to connect to your audiences on a human level. After all that’s who we’re talking to right?

Just think about your favourite TV ad or your favourite shopping experience, or even the best hotel you’ve ever stayed at. These are emotive led experiences that are deeply embedded into our consciousness making them easier to recall – which is always good for business.


Why choose to work with us?

We live in exciting times where there are a load of good agencies out there. Snazzy graphics galore, awards a plenty, UI and UX on tap, and wow the team sizes – woahh, they can be huge! 

So why choose us? Well, we’re not big, but we are agile, responsive and flexible. Small also means that you deal with us direct and don’t pay for unnecessary over servicing. We’re focussed on understand people and connecting with them and making sure your business is at the forefront of their decision making process. This often results in huge client growth. In fact all of our clients have experienced growth since working with us – some up to 500% – and that’s the truth.

Sure we have won some awards, but that certainly doesn’t define us. What defines us is great work that has a positive impact. We make successful brands that succeed in their market place, and its not much more complicated than that.

Doing our bit for the sector

Here at B&G our belief in creating change in business does not stop at the door. From training and nurturing new designers to equality in the workplace, being involved with the local community or our charity exhibitions. It is our purpose to touch the lives of the people we work with and help them shape a space that allows them to be the best they can be, doing the best work possible.

Meet the team

Alex Frech
Managing Director

Jon Humphreys
Non-Exec Director

Joe Tracey

Sean Thomas

Matt Bell

Luca Tuberoni
Digital Production

Rebekah Frech
Social Media

We create positive, meaningful work

Here are a few things that we do really well…

Brand Identity

Creative Campaigns

Emotive Strategy

Brand Narrative






Social Media Content


Set Design



Video Content

TV Commercials

Product Packaging

Print Design

Brand Consultancy

Place Branding


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